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        熱門關鍵詞: NDG1-100系列隔離開關 NDM1-63系列小型斷路器 NDG1C-100系列隔離開關
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        Wanda Plaza in Cangshan Fuzhou covers an area of 189 mu and a total building area of 6,500,000 square meters,With atotal investment of nearly RMB 6 billions.It is a super -large urban complex integrating seven top business types such as grade. A office buidings,high-end shopping malls,SOHO office buildings,fashion edestrian street and hotel-type apartment.Wanda Plaza Cangshan not only fills the blanks of large -scale urban comples in Cangshan District but also drive the upgrading of the urban business as well as the whole city image.

        The pre-phase contacts of the project began in the end 2010.At present,the low-voltage products from Liangxin Electrical have been adopted fo the high-low-voltage and small three-phase such as power distribution series and final distribution series products.

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